On Apologies

Composed 5/1/15
Description: My last, slightly belated entry for NaPoWriMo. This month has been a course in writing when not necessarily inspired. Which is great, because I think there’s always something of note we can write about during each day — even if we have to blow it out of proportion a little more than we might necessarily do during a light reminisce.

we spend too much time apologizing
for being who we are
hushing up and analyzing
after every sentence that seems to fall short

don’t make up unless you’ve done wrong
don’t assume your feelings match reality
a constant stream of I’m sorries
is not endearing

have an opinion
state it
do what you believe is right
don’t regret it
inquire of uncertainties
but apology is not a default reaction
seeking forgiveness is not always necessary

listen to me
I do not lie
don’t throw yourself at my feet
when I walk through mud unoffended
I don’t want it
I want your confidence


Composed 2/15/15,
Description: Wow, is it the first day of Blogging U’s “Writing 201: Poetry” already? Well, I suppose it seems a bit earlier for me; you see, since I am located in the mid-west, I get these assignment a few hours before the “official” day-of. But I am definitely excited to get started!

Today’s assignment combo is water/haiku/simile, which made me happy enough! I am, of course, no stranger to haikus (e.g. a, b, c, d), and, in fact, my most popular poem ever is a haiku!

I was struck with an idea rather quickly. Likely, this was heavily inspired by the Bible study I was working on when I received the assignment email… And, for me anyway, it is still Sunday, so I guess it’s appropriate that my water-themed haiku with a simile is spiritual in nature…

The puddles ripple
In my wake but like God they
Soon forget my steps

The Sky Forgives

Composed 4/26/14
Description: (Day 26 of NaPoWriMo) Inspired by the sky these last few nights.

Milky inkblots melt
Into pictures of laughing skulls
And black baby carriages on gray canvas
Before the ink spills
Flooding the picture as if to say
It does not matter

It does not matter it says
All is forgiven

White paint splatters
A hundred tiny dabbles over black
Forming line portraits of our mind and stories
Shining, dried, stuck on canvas
Even as I scrape my finger across as if to say
It does not matter

It does not matter it says
All is forgiven