Tasty Beats

Composed 5/12/16
Description: For Day 7 the theme was “flavor,” and we were challenged to use found poetry. Found poetry is kind of a struggle to me, because, unless I am spontaneously inspired, in some ways I feel constrained. But I remembered I made some chewy brownie cookies yesterday, and I thought that might be destiny. So I stepped up to the plate (haha) and used the recipe to make a poem, which, actually, turned out to be kind of a DJ/rap intro. I find this fitting as music, just like food, has distinct flavors and is often described as “tasty.”

If you are interested in the cookies (which are quite good!) here is the full recipe. And here is the poem:

found poetry and erasure poetry using a recipe for cookies



Ridiculously Good Tasting

Composed 11/9/15
Description: I had a moment of inspiration at Taco Bell today when my friend dumped a handful of sauce packets on the table. Due to the craptasticness of this picture (click for a larger size), I have also provided a translation.

Taco Bell Found Poem

You won’t, you won’t, sauce responsibly
This is my good side, yes, no, maybe
Born saucy, you know you want me
Challenge accepted, I’m your main squeeze

View From a Bedroom Window

Composed 2/26/15
Description: For Writing 201: Day 9. Found poetry about landscape using enumeratio.

This one posed a challenge. Found poetry is extremely limiting; however, I understand that heightens creativity! My problem is I get stuck trying to use a meaningful “found” medium. I finally decided to describe the view from my bedroom window using the books from my bedroom bookcase… Thus, this found poem using book binds.

ever a gothic dream
a ghost dance
a white journey
night story

time changes
the woods web mysteries


Books referenced: Watership Down (Richard Adams), Ever (Gail Carson Levine), Gothic Dreams Steampunk (Henry Winchester), Ghost Story (Jim Butcher), A Dance with Dragons (George R.R. Martin), White Night (Jim Butcher), The Time Machine (H. G. Wells), Changes (Jim Butcher), A Week in the Woods (Andrew Clements), Charlotte’s Web (E. B. White), Five Classic Murder Mysteries (a collection of Agatha Christie)