Our similarities might not be seen by the eye
(Like a certain someone else and I)
But they’re found in way my excitement peaks
When the clouds grow dark and lightning streaks
Across the fields in the early morning
And radio static cries out in warning
It’s found in the way I appreciate
A costume that is truly great
And the love of a well-crafted story
Whether sci-fi, fantasy, or gory
But really similarities lie
In a better than average artistic eye
In the calm way we flow about our day
In the comfort we both take from faith
And anyone who looks can see
We are both in good company
And neither of us has to pretend
The way that we are truly friends

Composed 12/22/18
Description: For my dad.



Composed 5/10/16
Description: Horribly, horribly behind for Writing 101, but I’m pressing on! Day 3’s theme was “Friend,” it’s (suggested) form an acrostic. Instead of writing about one particular friend I was more moved to write about, well, all of them. Hope this makes you smile; I did!

Let’s be the ones that gather together
Organized or last minute trips
Various peoples thrown into vehicles
Everyone quirky and laughing in fits
For we come from different places
Only history as commonality
Rambunctiously we interact bringing stares
As people wonder how we got where we are
Life brought us together, simply, and
Love and liking will keep us that way