Heavy Frost

The frost might as well be snow tonight
It blossoms in sparkles at the sign of first light
Stretches as far as the eye can see
The first day the sun has welcomed no green
The fields, so recently tall and gold
Now are low, pure white, and cold
The first taste of candy after the feast
The first warning of the upcoming beast

Composed 11/8/18

Eternal Morning

Composed 12/16/13
Description: As the temperature rises again after a period of cold, I find this an appropriate day to post this piece.

Warmth cuts through my life at a sharp forty-five
So water drips down icicle-thick trees
And patches of grass through frost reveal
The dark green riches of matured seed
And it’s just beginning, this thaw of earth
For the lawn is dry and the limbs shaken clear
But there’s still snow in the shadows
And the sun never moves out here