The Problem with Pirating

Composed 12/28/16
Description: Inspired by life and today’s Daily Prompt: Pillage.

It arrives in the arms of loved ones
They present their Gift and offer its joys
Indeed, I snatch it and hold it dear
Uphold it
And try to make their Gift my own
Eyes bright and brain chock-full with lofty daydreams and
Good intentions
I seek to become a Master
Researching, I say but really
Looking over their shoulder
And the guilt sets in
I struggle for footing
In the end finding a poor copy

It turns out
Wanting to be is not the same
As being honest
So I take a break from being a Jack
Of all trades
And come back to the one
Thing that I think is me

Don’t Call Me

Composed 3/7/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Sentimental.

I like your necklace ‘cause it looks good
I like your card because it’s sweet
But don’t call me sentimental

I like that blanket ‘cause it’s warm and it wraps me up at night
I like that sun-bleached jar of sand because it takes me far away
But don’t call me sentimental

I like your gifts because you knew me
But don’t you ever doubt
If my house caught fire
They’d burn
So don’t call me
Don’t call me sentimental