Man of My Dreams

Composed 6/12/15
Description: n/a

Yours haunt like no other
I seem to always remember
The feeling, so intense, after your dreams
So real, such comfort a common theme
A heart’s sweet trick, a mind’s demise
For a night and some short morning time
You are my grasp, a warm stronghold
I could almost forget the true old cold
Bite of your apathy
Ignorant dichotomy
Of favor with neglect
Reluctance with respect
Such heartache
Each time that I truly wake
The man of my dreams
Is all it seems
You will ever be
To me


A Note from a Ghost

Composed 11/8/14
Description: A note I left behind.

Though I feel like I’d died in ripping agony
in your arms a thousand times
I like how I am still ghosts
on your walls
How my presence lurks
like candlelight casting shadows
in every empty space
So little else remains
I wonder
I hope?
My touch still comforts
Still haunts