To a Second Story Window

Composed 5/13/16
Description: Day 9, several days late, but I have had an extremely busy weekend filled with work and orientation for my practicum, which was the thing that inspired this poem. The theme was “landscape,” the suggested device apostrophe.

Thank you, second story window
For the change in perspective
I was trapped within a cityscape
Crammed with meetings, responsibility
But you changed reality
Instead of sidewalks
I see treetops
The barest glimpse of a concrete wall overtaken
Like the city went to ruin
And nature bloomed overnight
Ivy, green, everything
Overrun by inevitable apocalypse
Now adventure awaits out there
Just outside your view


A Quiet Night

Composed 5/12/16
Description: For Day 8, which is “pleasure.” We were encouraged to use anaphora or epistrophe (repetition at the beginning or end of a verse). I chose to go with the former.

A quiet night is all you need
To reap the fruits of pleasure’s seed
A calmness sets into the breath
As exhales send our stress to death

A quiet night is all you need
To let all discomfort bleed
From the bones and from the mind
As you claim your own free time

A quiet night is all you need
To take that little bit of greed
For yourself and for your loves
To connect within, connect above

A quiet night is all you need
For true pleasure is just being free
So grasp to free time when it comes
And savor it until it’s done

Tasty Beats

Composed 5/12/16
Description: For Day 7 the theme was “flavor,” and we were challenged to use found poetry. Found poetry is kind of a struggle to me, because, unless I am spontaneously inspired, in some ways I feel constrained. But I remembered I made some chewy brownie cookies yesterday, and I thought that might be destiny. So I stepped up to the plate (haha) and used the recipe to make a poem, which, actually, turned out to be kind of a DJ/rap intro. I find this fitting as music, just like food, has distinct flavors and is often described as “tasty.”

If you are interested in the cookies (which are quite good!) here is the full recipe. And here is the poem:

found poetry and erasure poetry using a recipe for cookies



Composed 5/11/16
Description: For Day 6, in which we are to talk about “screens” while using enjambment. I’ve actually written about screens before, as it was the word prompt of the day awhile back, so I had to get a little creative with this one. It became more deep than I anticipated, but I like it.

I only look out behind the screen
Outside I see reality
But shadowed lines scar my face
Obscure a view to that wide, bright place
Even a picture of that realm
Is marred by the screen in which I’m held
I long to toast within the sun
But the screen’s a cell that’s up and hung
It will not budge though I try
So I watch behind the screen
And cry


Composed 5/10/16
Description: For Day 5 of Writing 101, in which we were to write a limerick around the theme “imperfect.” After much consideration I decided to write about one of the things that plagues me constantly.

In the morning she hopped in the shower
Brushed and dressed in an hour
She arrived at her date
Not one second late
But forgot her purse by the flowers

A Look Back

Composed 5/10/16
Description: For Writing 101, Day 4’s theme was “journey,” and it was also suggested that we use a simile. The following piece came from something I was thinking about writing about anyway, and I made it work. I think it fit quite well.

Last night I journeyed into a dream
It took me down paths I’ve sworn to abandon
A fictitious past sweetened and warm
A moment like toffee
That I gulped and discarded

Earlier on this road I am on
I would have savored seconds
Wrote long lines to reminisce and
Examined every scene
But older and further along as I am
I know now it’s naïve to dream

So I write this quickly and put it behind me
Because it will never be real to me


Composed 5/10/16
Description: Horribly, horribly behind for Writing 101, but I’m pressing on! Day 3’s theme was “Friend,” it’s (suggested) form an acrostic. Instead of writing about one particular friend I was more moved to write about, well, all of them. Hope this makes you smile; I did!

Let’s be the ones that gather together
Organized or last minute trips
Various peoples thrown into vehicles
Everyone quirky and laughing in fits
For we come from different places
Only history as commonality
Rambunctiously we interact bringing stares
As people wonder how we got where we are
Life brought us together, simply, and
Love and liking will keep us that way

Face It

Composed 5/5/16
Description: For Writing 101. Today’s theme is “Face” and the suggested device is alliteration. I might have gone a bit crazy with that last part, but it was fun!

Let’s face it
The facade you frequent is often fake
An alternative awareness aimed to amaze
To make a case, cease concerns about confidence
Even though every day is a struggle with esteem
Maybe someday you’ll face it
And we’ll face each other honestly