Some People

Composed 11/3/16
Description: Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Sincere and some of today’s easy conversation.

I like the way love leaps
So easily from your lips
How smiles are the default
As are sweetie and friend
Despite the fact you barely know me
And I sometimes keep a distance
You’ve tasted no unkind words
Just your heart as it flies from your throat
Conversation flows
As inclusive and warm as a central fireplace
That all gather around to feel

Excuse me
If I balk as
I am more choosey with my words of love
I may hesitate to return the sentiment
But not because you aren’t the honest
Dictionary definition picture of the word

An Innocent Deflection

Composed 10/15/16
Description: A journalistic ramble today, inspired by life and today’s Daily Prompt: Subdued.

Nearly two years at this job and I’ve never
Done this
Not for anyone and I’m sure
My opposite has never done it, would
Never do it but that’s another story
The fact is I know you’re behind
But I have things to do yet
I do it perhaps
I’m just a doormat but
A steaming one

The end of the day rolls around you
Take time to pop your head in the door
Thank you I appreciate it so much
And I can say nothing but
No problem
Because that feels good and now
I’m glad I did it for you
I knew I liked you

Customer Service

Composed 12/12/14
Description: Thoughts from on the job.

they tell you
to expect the outburst and
keep your smile along with your calm
see the message
the good and redirect
spread words like warm sugar
touches like ocean breeze kisses
never raise the temperature beyond
how they like their coffee
the customer is always right
and anger is the deadliest sin
reason the temptation of fools
do it all
out of kindness and care
after all
that’s why we’re here
and I think just imagine
if we treated everyone like they were sick