The Sad Truth About Lent

Composed 4/2/14
Description: (Day 2 of NaPoWriMo) I tried on a dress a few weeks ago. It’s a nice dress; it looks good on me. But how much better it would look, I thought, if I could drop five, ten pounds! So, naturally, I begin thinking of all the crap I could cut out of my diet which would, of course, make the fat just fall off me! And as the list continued, I realized they were just about all the same things I thought about giving up for lent… but decided against. How lent has a way of exposing our priorities! I wouldn’t give up food for my own GOD, but I would for my pride! Ugh!

I laugh when they ask

Forty days
Without chocolate, french fries, steak?
I shove it off
Tell them
I could never do that

But I’d do it
For a size six dress