Composed 6/5/18
Description: Inspired by nature.

The sky is playing tricks tonight
She bellows in gray and sings in light
Bright eyes weep such lovely tears
That arc a smile or a sneer?
The beauty of a masquerade
The mystery in nature’s game
Red death in the morning sky?
Phantoms in in the wind blown by?
Is She friendly or a foe?
The beauty is we’ll never know



Composed 4/23/16
Description: Trying to keep up with NaPoWriMo! Here’s one for Day 21. Inspired by this picture.

a woman in walking in the rain down a street
by BaxiaArt

She walked between the raindrops
A whisper in the night
She hummed along with cricket songs
And danced between the lights
Of fireflies and alleyways
Footprints splashed without a sound
She hovered between each universe
A hologram you could not pin down
Despite the dark that hung on her
Her smile brought a light
And it was just when it brightened that
She’d take a human life

Sunshine Dream

Composed 4/18/16
Description: For Day 17 of NaPoWriMo. Obviously… I’m not yet used to warm weather.

I woke up today to a blinding dream
Even the grass sings sunshine songs
The air is light and pale and fresh
As the outside breathes into the room
My skin feels new as if
Pleasure has just caressed my cheeks
People chatter and birds softly sing
A drowsy, pure reality
I’m numb with the glee, indeed
This must be a dream

Little Lights

Composed 4/4/14
Description: (Day 6 of NaNoWriMo) Some of my friends and I went to eat at Garfield’s the other day (which has become a weekly tradition). The place is great, because the tablecloths are paper, and they give you crayons to draw on them with. However, we have long lamented the fact that they never have any yellow crayons. Last time we were there, though, our waitress announced with much glee that they finally got yellow crayons! So, needless to say, I am still using the yellow crayons as much as possible when I’m there. Saturday this involved drawing a girl who was holding a ball of light in her hands, and that in turn inspired today’s little poem…

Little bulbs of
Tickled the sky


Composed 11/5/13
Description: Sorry for the long hiatus! School’s been killing me. But life has a way of smacking you with muse now and again.

I have accepted
The clouds that obscure
Any chance of sunlight
But I still bask in want
In the rays that pass through

Indeed I melt
Merely sensing your presence through the clouds
Long streams of warmth
Run and bubble under my fingertips
And the heat ebbs and flows
Across my neck and ear

How my knees tremble
At the smoky atmosphere that could be
If only I could stroke your face
Without getting burned

But I cannot help it
I still love
What is irrevocably refused


Composed 4/1/13
Description: A personal piece. It’s a bit strange, actually. I wrote this before knowing the whole story, and it turned out to describe the situation perfectly, even before I knew all the details.

I want to be the ray of light
That cuts through this dark room
To guide you when your way is lost
And the air is thick with gloom

When this room feels empty
And cold and lonely too
Don’t forget that I’ll be there
To warm and comfort you

And when you, by your own strength,
Pass by a lit window
And see the stunning beauty that you thought you’d never know
I want to be there to hold your hand
And whisper in your ear
And say that the same warming glow
Is in this room, my dear
All you need to find that switch
Is to keep moving on
To have faith that this switch is here
Even when you think it’s gone

Now I don’t know where that switch is
In this big dark room
But I’ll be here to shine the light
To help you find it soon
And if you don’t want my help
I’ll nod and fall behind
But I won’t leave; I NEVER WILL
Until you find that shine.