Another Feature & A Question

Hey everyone!

I am super excited to say that, for the second time this semester, I have work being published in my university’s literary arts (online) magazine, thematically titled “Luminous” (defined as “a radical change in perspective”).  This semester is strange, because they usually only do one magazine per semester.  However, this semester they decided to do two!  I feel really lucky that this happened, because this is the last year I’ll be able to submit anything to my school’s magazine.  Therefore, I am ecstatic that I have two chances to be published!  Writing for the magazine has been a great experience and has exposed me to a lot of great stuff in addition to giving me more confidence as a writer. There is also an open mic night for the mag’s release tomorrow, which I am super pumped about!

I had two poems and a prose piece selected (this seems to be a theme with me): Winter Blessings, We Forget, & Consequences. I am glad these were selected, because I have some of my personal favorites here!

To change topics a little, I have a question for all you followers out there.  Over the last few weeks I have been considering making a “best of” page for this blog in order to highlight some pieces (and perhaps direct some traffic to old posts, which, admittedly, have a tendency to get dusty).  However, I am not sure how to select what is “best of!” Should I just link to pieces I particularly like? Pieces that have been published or recognized in some capacity (like the ones shown above)?  Should I open up a post or poll for YOU readers to say what you like?

I’d love your feedback!


Literary Arts Magazine Feature!

Hello, fellow bloggers! I have some exciting news!

The 2014 spring edition of my university’s literary arts magazine was released yesterday, and I was fortunate enough to have all three of the pieces I submitted accepted and published in the magazine!

I also had the pleasure of attending the release party last night, which included readings from the contributing authors and an open mic for anyone who wished to read their poetry or prose. To say it simply, I was blown away by the quality of the pieces read. You would think that submitting to and reading this magazine for a few years would get me used to the talent of my fellow students, but I am always pleasantly surprised! I daresay this is the best one I have been a part of!

Of course, I also appreciate any opportunity I get to read my writing in an open mic setting.  I feel like many poems have a greater impact when spoken with feeling, and I enjoy the chances I get to try and “find my voice” while reading my poetry aloud. I also had the fortune of being greatly supported by a good number of my close friends who were in attendance, and their sincere compliments, high fives, and words of encouragement were very nourishing to me as a writer.

Okay, have I got you feeling depressed that you were not exposed to this glorious outpouring of literature? Well, feel depressed no more! The magazine is online and free for anyone to read, so take a look and support some writers by going to:

The theme of the magazine was “bildungsroman” – a German word meaning “coming of age.” I contributed two poems and a prose piece: Slaying Monsters, No One Comes of Age, & Introduction.

I hope you enjoy what you read!

AU’s Literary Arts Magazine

I meant to post something about this earlier, but with school and holiday busyness I completely forgot!

My university’s literary arts magazine took a different turn this year, and, instead of printing out and selling hard copies of the magazine, they made a blog for the magazine instead.  They did this not only so it could be freely presented to the entire university, but because, this way, they will be able keep a neat archive of all past editions.

I have mixed feelings about this, primarily because I enjoy flipping through a hard copy magazine and having it on my bookshelf… but the site turned out so well, that it’s softened me up to the idea.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have three pieces in the magazine, but there are a lot of other cool pieces as well from my fellow students.  So, while you’re sipping your hot cocoa and listening to Christmas carols around the fire this evening, check out some sweet poetry, prose, and photography at

Thanks for reading!

Exciting News!

This evening I received an email letting me know that three of my poems were accepted into my university’s literary arts magazine!

Considering I was extremely nervous about submitting my poetry, this makes me pretty ecstatic!  It’s essentially the first official “pat on the back” I’ve gotten specifically for my poetry. And with how crazy school has been lately, I needed this bit of encouragement.

I must say, I have to thank my blog and my followers for this triumph.  It was starting this blog that encouraged me to get into poetry, and the resources, prompts, and likes and comments I’ve received from the blogging community have greatly increased the amount of writing I do. So thank you all for contributing to my growth as a writer! Without this blog encouraging me to continue writing, I doubt I would have had anything to submit and/or the motivation and confidence to write and submit something, especially a poem.

By now I am sure many of you are on the edge of your seat with suspense. What fantastic poems were selected?

The lucky winners are: A Brief Romantic History, Flowers, and How Love Grows.

As you might guess from reading these poems, the topic of this magazine was “Growth.”


Wow, as a total coincidence, this is also my 100th post!