Stress Test

Composed 4/11/16
Description: For Day 10 of NaPoWriMo. Based on a conversation I had today.

She was worried she’d die
Face down on the treadmill

Doctors would lick and stick electrodes to her
Watch the beeping of her heart and
She’d begin
Step after step breathing heavy
Up and up and across that digital mile
Sweat beading in her brow

They’d watch her spike
And go flat

What she didn’t remember was
Her heart had experienced more than that mile
She’d known stress of great intensity
Chronic worry and work to the point of fatigue
She cared immensely about every need
Her heart beat along with the
Buzzing in her head and the
Heartbeats of everyone around her
She’d lived a hundred stressful lives
Heart thumping with the emotion of a hundred miles

What she didn’t know was that she’d already passed the test
This was just a formality

In the Moment

Composed 12/15/15
Description: When you write, you dwell on things.

It was her nature
To move on while sitting still
She bubbled along the brook
Without mind to
Rocks, debris, and things
It was easy
To stroll about the attic
Leave the heart of things untouched
To watch it all blindly
Omnipresent and objective
Like the storybooks

But one does not live
In third person
Rushing forward does not present
Opportunity to be human
So she gulped until she felt her heart
And retched in on the page
And lived
In the moment

The Only Thrill

Composed 7/11/15
Description: n/a

He tore by in yellow streaks of flame
The Gs pulling hard like a hurricane
In the wind he hears his fans calling his name
The price and prize of luck, money, and fame

Life is fast
When your life is rich
When you cruise on by
And your fingers loose the twitch
You want it
You will it
That need to survive
Cause life is too easy
And the price isn’t high

When you take turns at seventy five
Your heart beats to live or it beats to die
You hope your truth grips and your lies slide by
Cause if you fly into the street you won’t make it alive

And that’s the truth
When you have it all
The only thrill
Is the chance to fall

Just Listening

Composed 4/25/14
Description: n/a

I live through the ears
My eyes       dart
I can pretend
I can plead
If I don’t see their faces
But my heart l o n g s
For true connection
Heat, anger, love, affection
Desires of risk
And my eyes are rapid
Sensors of emotion
My heart a muscle of pure empathy
It hurts to see
Do I live with the pain?
Or die empty?
An outsider

The Aura

Composed 4/2/15
Description: Day 2 of NaPoWriMo. I feel like these last few poems are just combinations of things that have gone through my mind throughout the day that seem to mesh together.

You can jail me in the city
Or let me loose through open fields
Give me sweetheart small town life
Or hand me ready sword and shield
Blue skies can burst with sunbeams
So I bask in endless heat
The clouds can overtake the earth
And rain pour down in sheets
Either way I will survive
As long as I possess
That wholesome clean air feeling
I breathe in joy and stress
Let adrenaline overtake me
Let me dance through corn and streets
Let my heart soon swell to bursting
Let my actions spill release
It’s then I feel alive
It’s then I fall in love
In fate’s clear aura I do thrive
Without it I’m just numb


Composed 1/28/15
Description: Lazy days are bittersweet.

I say it’s self reward
To laze about for a morning
A method to recharge
For life
Days ahead


My mind empties
Parts of me waste away and
I die

I am reincarnated
Seeing colors more brightly
Trees, landscapes, sunshine for the first time
And I anguish that I had to die to live
That I had to waste years in comatose to see
Life is beautiful and adventure exists
I just have to will to take the day to live it

Drive By

Composed 11/14/14
Description: A little something written while driving home yesterday.

So many people huddled in their homes
Clicking on their lights
Heating up their dinner
Chatting with a friend
Living their stories

And they’re just houses passing by
And you’re just a car passing by

How to Stay Safe

Composed 8/4/13
Description: I find myself living this way too often.

Hide within the clouds you wear
Slip into the cracks of air
Don’t observe, just miss the stares
As you stroll the streets of life

Drown within the mist’s routine
Blur the things you may have seen
Obsess inside the fantasy
To miss life’s throwing knives

Wade among the dirt and muck
Lie with each determined strut
Live inside yourself and rut
A path in dusty earth

Do not touch the things that break
Or puncture clouds that keep you safe
Avoid the things that could awake
The question of your worth