How Love Grows

Composed 9/19/13
Description: Written in response to the news of the theme for my college’s Literary Arts Magazine. The theme for this semester is “growth.” This is the first thing that came to mind, and I think I’m going to submit this one (though I can potentially submit many pieces). Let me know what you think!

You glance across the room
You see a face
That’s it
That’s the start

You start for lunch
You start talking
Making jokes
Making a friend

A friend you do everything with
A friend you do nothing with
Changes in seasons
Changes of heart

Heart to heart conversations
Hearts intertwined forever
Bonded by rings
Bonded by love anew

New houses and jobs
New members of the family
Fighting again and again about life
Fighting again and again for love

Love breaks you down and
Love makes you stronger
You give up all you can for them
You give them up with a last “love you”

You glance to the sky
You see a face
That’s it
That’s the start


Composed 7/22/13
Description: I’ve had this story in my head for a few weeks. I’ve never really experimented with flash fiction, so this is my first attempt.  It’s still pretty stylized (can’t take the poet out of the girl). Let me know what you think!

She grabbed a cup of coffee.
She met with her client – a regular. He needed some deposits made. Discreetly.

She sat forward in a black leather chair and worked her magic. She listened to clicks and beeps – the sounds of fairy dust.
The deposit? Done. Gone. Invisible. Jamaica. Grand Cayman. China. Antarctica, for all they knew.
Something went wrong. A crack in the fire. Someone had a shield. Black screen, windows open.
She played with black magic. Found a trail, a line of disturbed ash.
She smiled. Nobody could escape the track of gifted witch.

It was hidden in plain sight. Downtown. An old comic store.
She slipped in. Bell chimes. A young man. He didn’t look up.
She put her hand on the desk. A snake’s smile. Confrontation.
His eyes? Unsurprised. Hers narrowed. Comprehension.
“You did it on purpose. Why?”
“To get your attention.”
He smiled and grabbed his cup of coffee.