Composed 4/28/15
Description: Fallen off the NaPoWriMo bandwagon a little bit. (Late nights with friends get in the way of writing sometimes.) However, I intend to make it up!

With some things I write, I feel there is something distinctly musical about it… This is one of those pieces.

I could drag you home in irons, babe
I could sell myself a god
I could work and flirt and twist you up
With a silver coated tongue
You’d forget your name and play my game
Days and weeks of fun
But you’d be used in the end abused
Myself a hollow, bitter love

Got to keep my eyes onto the skies
Not rolling down your spine
Keep my lips a drip with love
Not lies that falsely fill me up

Doing all the wrong things could get me far
But it wouldn’t get me anywhere
I won’t lose my pride
I won’t lose my soul
I don’t need sweet words to make me whole
The only way to happiness
Is a soft and sure quick confidence
The comes from heart and sky



Composed 4/20/15
Description: Happy 420! Here’s a little tortured romance for you.

When I breathe you in I feel no pain
My muscles melt inside my skin
Intoxicated, I float through days
Longing for your heavy musk
Your effect binds and
Fills every corner of me spilling
Out my pores like perfume
And I’m starving
The more I see you
The longer I taste
The harder the high is to shake
You’re illicit, you’re poison
And I can’t fight
I’ll drown inside clouds of smoke
I’ll cling, choke until
I’m pried away
Until you toss me away

I Think I’ll Pass

Composed 4/6/15
Description: For Day 6 of NaPoWriMo.

You long to hold another in your arms
A yearning dropped in each available line
But, alas, a chance at relationship?
Simply impossible at this time!

A night enwrapped, nuzzled, and touched
Well, that wouldn’t be asking for much
A date, one day to see what could grow
Seems too unlikely
So the answer’s no

Should I offer my body’s warmth
Our strangeness
And estrangedness
Bothers you none
Yet should I offer a piece of me
And a chance at life of love so sweet
Time seems wasted

And I understand affection
The need to be touched
I’ve lacked it often, way too much
But I’ve had it all
Without true connection
And life feels so empty
With no love
Just a body’s direction