Featured Poem: Stockings

A previously unposted poem of mine, Stockings, was featured on Silver Birch Press as a part of their ME, DURING THE HOLIDAYS series. Check the site for a poem from me as well as some poems and pieces from other writers!

(Oh, you also get to see a cute picture of me as a kid!)

Silver Birch Press

by Kathleen Chaney

Ribbon-wrapped packages
Green, red, and blue
Hold allure under the tree
Sitting patiently
As the others pop up day by day
All shapes, sizes, weight
They can be shaken
With some success when a guess
Is suggested

Yet the stocking
A true mystery
Filling but never willing
To show how much it holds
Hanging resists an accurate feel
The mix within irreversible
Like a cake
Ingredients not anticipated
Reaching in is a special rush
One after another
Like a magician’s best trick

Its contents coat the floor
Like snow on Christmas morning
Those little toys
Little treats
Grabbed in fists, often first
Items to be tested
The best morning distractions
The best memories


AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This is me, approximately six years old, at my grandparents’ house. I am trying to look cute in my Christmas dress, but I am always cheesy in photos!


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Unfortunate Reality

Composed Summer 2012
Description: I scribbled the majority of this poem down on a scrap piece of paper while I was working in an office last summer. It was just one of those times when I was (randomly) hit with these feelings (feelings, strangely enough, that would come up again, more fiercely, a little less than a year later). I lost the paper and for the most part forgot about it until I found it today. I edited the original and added a much needed last verse this evening. Enjoy!

Sometimes I think about running back to you
But the past always makes me change my mind
And yet I can’t help it on these bitter lonely nights
I think about your laughter and I smile

We really had it good there for awhile
Though you might not see as well as me
You sang and we laughed on your old van’s worn-out seats
Even now I could tell you anything

And then I have to break out of my daydreams
And remember why our love can never be
Even though I care for you and yearn for your embrace
You will never feel so strongly about me

First Memory

Composed: 4/20/13
Description: Inspired by a prompt in Christina’s post 5 Ideas to Get You Writing. The prompt was “write about your earliest memory.” This is the result.

I remember it dearly
That sweet lullaby
I curled into her shoulder
Warm, pacified
Late in the evening
A scene draped blue
Black trees in the window
Swaying in view
Was the setting that evening
As she rocked me to slumber
Humming a song
I don’t even remember
I must have dozed off then
Safe in her arms
Implicit I love yous
Deterring all harms