Old Gnarled Monster

Composed 4/3/14
Description: (Day 3 of NaPoWriMo) For the tree on Chestnut St.

Old gnarled monster
Your ancient horns twist and tower
Into the graying sky
Branching, expanding into spiral crowns
Long barren evidence of your
Mighty strength

Old gnarled monster
I see your face
Two round notches in a
Wrinkly brown skin
Staring out over a land
Once conquered

Old gnarled monster
I see your heart
A dark fraying crater
On a russet
Dragon scaled chest
That’s seen no smoothing touch

Old gnarled monster
Your notched angled arms
And long winding fingers
Dusted with thriving moss like snow
Reach out up and above my head
Ever stretching

Do you wish to strangle
Your captors?
Or do you simply crave
To touch your own kind
The comfort taken from you
By the roadways of man?


Banished from Heaven


Composed 5/6/13
Description: Something a little different. I wrote this for Aisha’s Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3: Forbidden. The idea of the contest is to write anything revolving around the theme of “forbidden” while also using one of the given pictures as a prompt. The above picture is the one I chose. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!

Saintly Rosalinda
Spun roses amidst the thorns
With the nimble grace of her fingertips
So red and sore and worn

Even when He stole her breath
And spotted her lips with bloody dew
Her fingers spread dark red roses
Into the world anew

He stole her from the golden grips
Of heaven’s holy hands
And tainted by the air of hell she’s
Banished from heaven’s golden sands

The Monster begged for purity
And fallen, forbidden from paradise
This fellow fallen creature
Played contently for her Beast each night

For she was also doomed to hell
And, filled with sympathy,
She made her Master sweet, white roses
So He could know beauty