Composed 9/11/17
Description: Is this a melodramatic poem about something trivial? Oh, yes it is. But inspiration sneaks up like that. So what’s this really about? I’ll give you a hint: I’ve written about this subject before. But I welcome your own personal impressions/interpretations. 

Should use the old before the new
It was old before you knew
Should have used it when it was new
Cause now the new will get old too
Before it gets to being used
And it’s all because of you


Composed 4/16/16
Description: For Day 16 of NaPoWriMo. A kyrielle (mostly). 

We look at change with timid eyes
A mountain rising in the sky
However what we fail to see
Is change is made of tiny things

Brand new routines in small amounts
Can change your life by leaps and bounds
A small new habit in a week
Shows change is made of tiny things

A splash of water on your face
A freshly clean and tidy space
Now shower voices loudly sing
This change is made of tiny things

Don’t let the mountain pass on by
The current path is smooth you find
Even small steps can feel so sweet
For change is made of tiny things

New Books

Composed 1/2/16
Description: For the Daily Prompt’s Write Here, Write Now prompt, I now write a post in present tense. Fittingly, a situation I find myself in presently.

I pick it up and turn the page
The next the next!
Battles, love unwrap before me
From page to page
And scene to scene
So bittersweet
I yearn to know
But slowly now I try to go
I savor these last moments of ignorance
Such pleasure courses through me!
Such restraint I bear!
The excitement
My hands shake
It tears me apart!