In the End

Composed 10/11/16
Description: Sometimes a phrase that pops into your head (combined with a little Daily Prompt inspiration) can take you on a wild, sudden poetic journey. At least that’s what happened today.

I could drizzle a drop of drowsy desire
Down my lips and fingertips
Or simply spin secret syllables
That make fading scenes seem succulent
I could be a rule breaker and rip your bones
With off-beat wit and widespread appeal
So easily I could play commentator and
Collect comments from copious controversy
Perhaps I could pervert and present my life
With embarrassing exaggeration that inspires engrossment
Or perhaps
I can let my mind make up words
My eyes see and skin sense
Let my hands record emotion on the page
Whatever it may be
I could mimic and make friends
I could have your love and fascination
But in the end I feel best
Being original
Being me