Opening Up

Composed 9/16/13
Description: n/a

As a dancer
It’s not strange to hold hands
Or get whisked around in another’s arms
But when was the last time
I really felt skin or
Noticed the vibrant blue veins
That flex with the pressure of your grip?

Have I ever really looked
Into your eyes?
Have I ever been awake
In your presence?
How could I have slept
Under the pressure of your gaze
Purple, piercing,
Into my mind?

But now I dance in green rain
Cold and breathing for the first time
Eyes open and fixed
As cords wrap around our fingers
And take root in our souls

As my spine straightens
And I choke on blue
I could fall for anyone
Maybe even you


Just Jotting Down Notes

Composed 9/28/13
Description: One that’s been in my possession a few weeks or so, but just polished today.

You don’t notice my gaze
Filling with notes
Hording them like love letters

Deft and swift strokes
On my mind’s notebook
Stuffed into the depths
Never to be found

For my conclusions
So ominous
Rejection so ready on your tongue
The poison to seep into the air of our meetings

My stare wavers
Off to new sights
Though my mind stays steady

Do with it what you wish
It’s just a match
Lying in the road
A potential

Ignore it
Or catch my stare
Look into my eyes
And tell me your heart
And I will tell you mine