A Contrast in Perspective

Composed 3/8/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Contrast.

You see the world in monochrome
We see the world in black and white
Blue and pink
We see the rainbows and what’s gray
How they color coat the things of everyday that
Dictate what things we can touch
Without getting burned
And little changes as time passes
Because the masses and powerful see
The world through rose colored glasses
And that makes you



Composed 4/24/15
Description: Something that came to me late last night.

Hold your tongue for the helpless
Save your pity for pride
We live murmuring question marks
Praying for fortunate fates
We could be struck down any moment
So why do you shun the grim?
It could be your face
It’s only by grace you can walk past
But don’t
Don’t let your lips snarl
You can only pull them up
You can fall at anytime