Composed 4/29/15
Description: Having a life gets in the way sometimes.

We must be lonely
It’s the nature of the beast
If we are out playing, engaged
Our minds are filled
Our hearts, content
We have no need to explode
On the page

Anesthetic for the mind
No time, will for introspection
Comprehension of the connotation of our days
We must be lonely
House hiders
Ghost writers


Composed 4/27/13
Description: How I’ve felt today with regards to motivation… Not a good sign with finals coming up and all that.

Motivation is
Like directional ability
Speed and agility
Financial security
I don’t have it

It’s like
A Father’s love
Guidance from above
A hand to rub
I need it

It’s like
The perfect man
A day in the sand
A hundred grand
I can’t catch it

Motivation is
Like a text from you
A wanted job interview
A house with a view
Maybe I’ll get it someday