A Quiet Night

Composed 5/12/16
Description: For Day 8, which is “pleasure.” We were encouraged to use anaphora or epistrophe (repetition at the beginning or end of a verse). I chose to go with the former.

A quiet night is all you need
To reap the fruits of pleasure’s seed
A calmness sets into the breath
As exhales send our stress to death

A quiet night is all you need
To let all discomfort bleed
From the bones and from the mind
As you claim your own free time

A quiet night is all you need
To take that little bit of greed
For yourself and for your loves
To connect within, connect above

A quiet night is all you need
For true pleasure is just being free
So grasp to free time when it comes
And savor it until it’s done

Magic in the Night

Composed 12/17/15
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt, which asked us when we do our best work.

When the moon hovers near
And the silence grows thick
When the dust is settled and the clock tick
Tick ticks you hear
Your own heart beating
Peace descends on the mind
Stretching out before you an endless time
Of ghosts and fairies, sweet and fleeting
It is the time of magic and honest thoughts
You are one with yourself and the earth
The heavens soothe, and stories are birthed
In the night, such beauty is wrought