Composed 3/25/15
Description: I tore apart a puzzle today.

I take so long
Putting each piece in its place
Until a fuzzy image begins to emerge
But if the wrong hands touch me
I so easily tumble apart in their fingers
And sighing
I start from the beginning
Putting each piece in its place



Composed 4/25/13
Description: Something I’ve been wanting to write for awhile, but the words didn’t come until today. I suppose my trip back to fantasy earlier today inspired the metaphor I needed.

She’s a princess
With pink rosebuds woven in
Golden sea waves
That lap against
Bleached white shores
Adorned with jewels
That sparkle in the
Dark colors of night

She’s like sugar but
No one doubts her spice
She’s the music and passion
Of an approaching storm
The lightness and laughter
Of a gentle rain
And her laughter echoes
Off the mountains
And smiles come to those
Listening in the valley

But she’s cursed
A dragon lives within her
And possesses her at night
It scratches at her arms
Trying to escape
It burns her with its breath when
It doesn’t get its way

It fears her potential
The hope she brings
To her people
The power she has to rule

And no knight can slay it
No potion can kill it
It’s a demon she must fight on her own
But the progress she makes in the morning
Reverses when it appears at night

But I don’t know who the hero is
In this story
Who’s the one
Who’s meant to save her?
Recently I’ve been wondering
If it’s me
But what can I,
A lowly peasant, do
To save a cursed princess?

Only the power
Of one greater than I
Could inspire such
A needed miracle