Fire Eater

Red 2 by Tosha-chan.


Composed 1/1/16
Description: Prompt from writeworld. Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this picture.

His fingers spread like growing vines
And touched her skin so pale and sweet
He felt the blood pump through her veins
Gentle thuds in steady beats

From each seam, each pore heat wafted off
An aura of delectability
It swam up each thin, arching stem
A fire forming internally

It crawled up his arms
Hung in his chest
A strangely lovely burning wheeze
He breathed hot smoke
His insides glowed
Shade hung from a grin, sharp and pleased

She fell limp and her skin felt cold
Silence within her too-still form
The spines retreated as a breath was taken
And the red hot man went strolling home



Composed 11/??/13
Description: The hazard of writing poems in your phone is that, often, the date gets lost… Anyway, a poem regarding a situation a friend was involved in awhile back.

He thinks not with the
Sensitivity of your heart
But the need to survive
And you are the air
To his writhing lungs
He only sees in red
And your necessity stems back to the ancients
And thus
He will fight to the death