Composed 11/16/17

the curbing of appetites
to be lean of body and pure of mind
the struggle
of all mankind
we’re cursed
from the moment of birth
to crave what kills and
condemn what cultivates
is still the goal
to teach not manufacture
a herd of perfect automatons
with no ability to become more than an efficient list checker
instead we’re a bowl of swirling emotions
given the capacity to make choices
the potential to become more than
a sack of replacement parts
every moment, every choice defines
priorities and meanings of life
and yet still I justify
poison for pleasure
and pleasure for shortened life
hammering the temple ruins
despite the warning signs

The Sad Truth About Lent

Composed 4/2/14
Description: (Day 2 of NaPoWriMo) I tried on a dress a few weeks ago. It’s a nice dress; it looks good on me. But how much better it would look, I thought, if I could drop five, ten pounds! So, naturally, I begin thinking of all the crap I could cut out of my diet which would, of course, make the fat just fall off me! And as the list continued, I realized they were just about all the same things I thought about giving up for lent… but decided against. How lent has a way of exposing our priorities! I wouldn’t give up food for my own GOD, but I would for my pride! Ugh!

I laugh when they ask

Forty days
Without chocolate, french fries, steak?
I shove it off
Tell them
I could never do that

But I’d do it
For a size six dress