Composed 4/1/16
Description: I admit it. The last few days I have been incredibly obsessed with Miitomo, the new social media app from Nintendo. Thus, I thought it appropriate to write about it this day, the first day of NaPoWriMo.

It has always been our desire
To mimic God and
Create in our own image

Is it any surprise
That we all swarm
To put our fake selves in a box
Dress them up and send them out
For all the world to see?

Take a picture
Look at me!
Stop by, dwell, talk, and read
See what I made
We all need to be
Looked at sometimes



Composed 3/25/15
Description: I tore apart a puzzle today.

I take so long
Putting each piece in its place
Until a fuzzy image begins to emerge
But if the wrong hands touch me
I so easily tumble apart in their fingers
And sighing
I start from the beginning
Putting each piece in its place