Someone’s Amortentia

Composed 3/9/16
Description: If this appeals to you, you might be in love with me. Just saying.

For Blogging the Senses.

Red, silk sheets, exposed under thick comforters
Dented in the presence of a basking, drowsy cat
A slightly husky, very warm, animal, living smell

Pulling out that old t-shirt
Soft, almost see-through, traveling between each winding finger
As you bring it up, inhale, lavender
Snuggle to be precise

A hot, dry day
That t-shirt, cut-off jean shorts
Wet hair, silky calves, an aura
Of soft, sweet cherry blossoms

A familiar home filled
With old wood, antique carpet
Knick-knacks, slightly dusty and
Bread, cookies, still baking

Don’t imagine
Breathe, smell it, sense it
It’s real, it’s here, it’s


Petting the Cat

Composed 4/17/14
Description: (Day 17 of NaPoWriMo) Did not have a lot of inspiration today, so I clung to the suggested prompt, which was to write about something using 3 of the 5 senses. While thinking about what to describe, I had a visitor, which inspired this poem.

Soft hills and valleys
Of warm feather grass
Shifting and rolling as explored
Erupt into mini earthquakes
Trembling under fingertips
And whispered thunder
Rumbles from within
As glassy green orbs
Melt away in pleasure


Composed 9/27/13
Description: I have so many ideas, and often I write them down, but they hardly make it to my blog anymore, because school is keeping me so distracted. There is always something to do, something to get ahead on… And when I take a break, I collapse. However, I wanted to take the time to post this poem, which I just wrote today after a walk back to my apartment. Remember how I said that my university’s literary arts magazine’s theme was going to be “growth?” Well, apparently now it’s “creative emergence.” Whatever that means. Here’s my interpretation (and possible entry).

Silky shadows of silhouettes nigh
With violets twisting with rose in the sky
The vastness of the horizon’s hillside
I’m inspired by my own eyes

Silence of darkness suddenly sears
Sweet rumbles of life then soon reappear
Chirping conversations so far and near
I’m inspired by my own ears

Light, brisk breezes drifting in
Goosebumps rising with the appearance of wind
Breathing in coolness and excitement within
I’m inspired by my own skin

Oceans of colors constantly twist
Sounds surround in a continuous mist
Sensations grace my form like a kiss
I’m inspired because I exist