Composed 4/22/18
Description: Inspired by life and today’s daily prompt: partake.

My secret pleasure is
My secret shame
It is nothing in excess
A wine drunk until blind
This, the wasting of my time
Self care a masquerade for sin
The slow death that starts from within
And manifests in blackened fingers and
Dusty minds
Cobwebbed hobbies and
Missed deadlines
Useless knowledge grasped as
Loves leave in wake of addiction
And any excuse is just rationalization



Composed 5/26/15
Description: A possible companion to Sloth

Large, lumbering
Hanging out and over
Stretching, covering
Pressing, sucking in
Drowsy, stumbling
Hard and stuffed to bursting
Hiding, blushing
A constant nagging sin

Demons following
Gently coax away
With another bite

Under the Moon

Composed 4/15/15
Description: For Day 14 of NaPoWriMo. (Yes, you will get two poems today!) Technically, I wrote a poem yesterday, but this is about the same thing… and is much better. One of those cases where God (via my Bible study) confronted me pretty solidly about something I’d been struggling with over the last few days.

Under a grinning moon that hints of blood
Is the turbulent channel of my days
A panting, gruesome, groaning sea
That swallows me, tossing endlessly
I’m free to swim
Bound in waves
I yearn to drown
To roll, thrown about
Feel the high before my death
But to be free I must swim
I must fight
I must reach the other side