Composed 4/22/18
Description: Inspired by life and today’s daily prompt: partake.

My secret pleasure is
My secret shame
It is nothing in excess
A wine drunk until blind
This, the wasting of my time
Self care a masquerade for sin
The slow death that starts from within
And manifests in blackened fingers and
Dusty minds
Cobwebbed hobbies and
Missed deadlines
Useless knowledge grasped as
Loves leave in wake of addiction
And any excuse is just rationalization



Composed 4/4/15
Description: For Day 4 of NaPoWriMo (as I actually DID write this yesterday). Obviously, as the day wore on I felt incredibly lazy and altogether… not well.

My body drains of color
So I fall in pillow mounds
But the mounds just suffocate me
And my pallor turns to green
If I hadn’t been so empty
I could have put color in my cheeks
But I’m stumbling like a zombie
Too weak


Composed 1/28/15
Description: Lazy days are bittersweet.

I say it’s self reward
To laze about for a morning
A method to recharge
For life
Days ahead


My mind empties
Parts of me waste away and
I die

I am reincarnated
Seeing colors more brightly
Trees, landscapes, sunshine for the first time
And I anguish that I had to die to live
That I had to waste years in comatose to see
Life is beautiful and adventure exists
I just have to will to take the day to live it