Composed 4/11/16
Description: For Day 11 of NaPoWriMo. A fun little story based on true events. An all too-common occurrence, I’m afraid.

The room has been swept of clutter
Clothes hung and tucked away in drawers
The others have vanished into their room for slumber
And I recline on the bare carpet
Reveling in minimalism and peace
The reward of a good housekeeper

The cookie-color ceiling holds a surprise
A black dot
But bigger than a dot
Yes the menace hovers above desk and bed
Waiting for his unsuspecting prey
But not today

A deep breath
Boot in hand
I stand on precarious desk and chair
I swat
It falls
I run for the hills
But it has fallen
Onto the desk

I sweep it up
And listen to the sound of the flush
The reward of a fine warrior

The Web

Composed 3/27/15
Description: “… and just watch him hang himself on his web of lies!”

Silk strings trail behind you
To trip and tangle, choke and bind
You think they’re tempting pillows
But it’s just a web of lies

You think you dance on strings unstuck
While we all meet our demise
You’ve not yet had them harm you
But you’re just like us, a fly

You think you’ve entrapped each of us
But the circle only winds
Around each and every place you go
And you’re the one inside

One day when you turn around
All you’ll see is white
It will have blocked us all from view
And you’ll fall, no friends to find

Then you’ll hang, new lesson learned
Despite the skill and time
No good will e’er befall you
When you spin a web of lies