Composed 4/9/14
Description: (Day 9 of NaPoWriMo) On my long walk back from class this morning I was struck by the multitude of chattering birds I heard (most noticeably a woodpecker I have been searching for for sometime). It has always interested me how we can hear birds so easily, but, when we look for them, many times it’s hard to see them, to figure out where they are. I guess they’re like God in that way…

They slip through branches and air
Watching like the eyes of God
Their voices bring us His melody
But when we look for the source of their calls
We cannot find them in the trees or sky
And soon we filter out their voices
And forget they watch in skies above
And isn’t life less beautiful
When we don’t have birdsong

Finally Free: The Sensations of Spring

Composed 3/11/14
Description: WDBWP’s poetry prompt came at the perfect time. It’s theme? Mood.

Yesterday I was in a good mood. In such a good mood that I wrote about it. And then I saw the prompt. Fate.

Yesterday I got what felt like the first taste of spring. Instead of twenty, teens, or below with patches of snow (which has been the average over the last few weeks), we had sunny and seventy. I felt like a different person. I could go outside without a jacket? I enjoyed my walks to class? Had sixty, seventy degrees always been this warm? It was culture shock. But a very, very welcome shock.

The day was so beautiful and glorious I knew I had to capture it in writing somehow. The result is found below.

How can I capture the beauty of this day?
I could run through the field
Stripping off clothes in laughter
Until I was free in my skin
And I would dance through the valleys for hours more
Just warm in the sun

You took my home
And made my haven my prison
And then you opened the door
And whispered
And I dashed
Tossing chains
And dawning leaf-flower crowns

I could leap through tall grasses
And chase dust in the wind
I could climb every tree
Satisfy all desires
No one to hold me
No sword to smite me
Just my own body falling
To earth

Adventures in Springtime

Composed 5/2/13
Description: Another stunning day. Wrote this in my head on my way back from lunch with my mother. It was only after I had written it and decided how to format it that I discovered it was almost a perfect haiku (all I had to do was take out the “it’s”). Guess I’m just in a haiku state of mind these days.

Just one of those days
When I could open the door
And walk forever

April is Full of Contradictions

Alternative Title: What is it About April?
Composed: 4/16/13
Description: A light-hearted little poem today, which, though written a few days ago, perfectly describes today: stereotypically springtime gorgeous, but with a chance of severe thunderstorms tonight. This poem also describes a strange phenomenon: I always tend to pump out a LOT of writing in April. Disproportionally more so than the rest of the year. What is it about April…?

Cold wind
Warm Sun
A slave to school
But almost done

Dawn your flip flops
But pack your boots
Eighty degrees
But downpours soon

And barricade
The library doors
So you can raise
Your final scores

And on your breaks
Plan your fun
For books and papers
Are almost done

Betwixt the sun
And rain and wind
And mounds of tests
Almost at end
Words fall
From my fingers

What is it about
The month of contradictions