Composed 4/11/15
Description: For Day 10 of NaPoWriMo. Sorry I didn’t get around to writing/post one yesterday. I had a rehearsal dinner… and today I was in a wedding. So, yes, been a bit busy! But that means you get two today!

This one was actually inspired by yesterday night, though it fits with the romantic aura of the wedding I went to today.

Darling take my hand
And lead me to the open fields
Urge me, lay me on the dew
Tilt my head up to the stars
Endless patterns
So clear tonight
Just be with me
Make me take the time
To look up at the stars tonight


The Sky Forgives

Composed 4/26/14
Description: (Day 26 of NaPoWriMo) Inspired by the sky these last few nights.

Milky inkblots melt
Into pictures of laughing skulls
And black baby carriages on gray canvas
Before the ink spills
Flooding the picture as if to say
It does not matter

It does not matter it says
All is forgiven

White paint splatters
A hundred tiny dabbles over black
Forming line portraits of our mind and stories
Shining, dried, stuck on canvas
Even as I scrape my finger across as if to say
It does not matter

It does not matter it says
All is forgiven

Little Lights

Composed 4/4/14
Description: (Day 6 of NaNoWriMo) Some of my friends and I went to eat at Garfield’s the other day (which has become a weekly tradition). The place is great, because the tablecloths are paper, and they give you crayons to draw on them with. However, we have long lamented the fact that they never have any yellow crayons. Last time we were there, though, our waitress announced with much glee that they finally got yellow crayons! So, needless to say, I am still using the yellow crayons as much as possible when I’m there. Saturday this involved drawing a girl who was holding a ball of light in her hands, and that in turn inspired today’s little poem…

Little bulbs of
Tickled the sky