Sweater in Bed Weather

Composed 11/13/14
Description: Inspired by the latest cold snap. Something more light and fun and, dare I say, more Shel Silverstein than my usual style. Let me know what you think!

It’s sweater in bed weather
It’s wrap up your head weather
It’s sweater in bed and wrap up your head and toast til your red

It’s a blankets for clothes morning
It’s a shuffle your toes morning
It’s a blankets for clothes and shuffle your toes til the hot shower flows and right in you go

It’s an icicle hair walk
It’s a slippery stairs walk
It’s an icicle hair and slippery stairs for as long as you dare in the air you can’t bear til you get to your lair

It’s a crash through the door evening
It’s a fire and smores evening
It’s a crash through the door then fire and smores with hot chocolate poured til hot to the core and cuddle some more until we both snore

It’s sweater in bed


Stubbornly Cold

Composed 1/3/14
Description: I think I’m going to try and write more poetry this year — and more poems about the daily events of my life. Stuff that I can look at ten years from now and go “ah, yes, I remember that person, that feeling, that day.” Everything from fun nights with friends to whatever I’m thinking that particular day. So I wrote something this evening, and I think it says a lot about me.

I sit on the floor
Stuffed in two blankets
And a hat
I refuse to move
From my solitary haven
Even when its
Covered in ice