Stupid Phone

Composed 4/10/14
Description: (Day 10 of NaPoWriMo) “I have to write a poem today,” I tell my friend. “Give me a topic.” She shakes her phone in her hands (it’s been malfunctioning all day). “Stupid phone,” she replies.

Childish rhyme when silence pursues
Keeping quiet when its track I lose
Changing AM, PM too
(Missed a test and now I’m screwed)
Damn it
Stupid phone

Buzzes so hard it crashes down
Right off the desk in front of a crowd
Signal lost when I’m lost downtown
(And Lord knows there aren’t payphones around)
Damn it
Stupid phone

Battery flickers when I need
To send a message of urgency
And when it sends then I see
I told my friend I just bought pee
Damn it
Stupid phone