On My Shelf

Composed 3/17/16
Description: Perhaps a cluttered shelf is a sign of a cluttered mind… and that’s just fine.
For the Daily Prompt: Shelf.

A cluttered, juxtaposed medley of me
A lightly dust-covered stationary sea
Of hats wrapped in ribbon, copper, red lace
That speak of an old and future time and place
Big blue boxes with small figurines
Of heroes and princesses, from movies, books, TV
Large, folded fans, too many tea cups and pots
And chopsticks alongside elegant clocks
Some tiny vases filled with ancient history
And floral, beaded bags of every color to see
Flowers from the neighbors
Flowers that span oceans
And books with pages always in motion
Shows, movies, autographs, sealed and cherished like treasure
Sentimental trinkets with value beyond measure
A cluttered, juxtaposed medley of me
Just glance at my shelf to see

Don’t Call Me

Composed 3/7/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Sentimental.

I like your necklace ‘cause it looks good
I like your card because it’s sweet
But don’t call me sentimental

I like that blanket ‘cause it’s warm and it wraps me up at night
I like that sun-bleached jar of sand because it takes me far away
But don’t call me sentimental

I like your gifts because you knew me
But don’t you ever doubt
If my house caught fire
They’d burn
So don’t call me
Don’t call me sentimental