The Unknowns

Composed 1/19/17
Description: Probably the symptom of an overworked brain.

To love the unknown is a scary thing
As it so much more easily consumes and bleeds
Your heart dry after you create and repeat
Fantasies that have no basis in reality
When essential details are unknown but
Interest is still peeked and cannot be shut down for
Perhaps the unknown is pleasing?
It’s the uncertainty that both unnerves and attracts
And I don’t know whether to flirt or fight back
I’m stuck and drowning in mystery and
Too shy to ask and learn what I need
For fear that my dreams will have been wasted
And crushed and fear that I’ve dived in too much
You see
I’d rather whisper conspiracies and
Overhear evidence that quietly denies
So I might suffer in silence with no one the wiser…
But will I run out of time before I learn actuality
And finally set my restless thoughts


Composed 1/11/17
Description: For a daily prompt that fit the evening nicely: cling.

I think about you so much
I forget the radio’s on
And when I hear it
I belt out every song

Time, distraction help me forget
For a moment

Then the race is on
Consuming my mind and my internet history
You stole all the keys and now you control me
With wit and laughter, eccentricities
And now I try too much and
Sit when I yearn to stand and leave

When there is no reason
No hope
No plans
Why do I bother?
Why do I contemplate and scheme?

Why is it that when my mind is tickled
It clings?

It’s a Compliment, Really

Composed 1/6/14
Description: In response to today’s Daily Prompt Simply the Best, which asked: “When and where do you do your best thinking?”

For me, my best thinking is actually done when I am WITH people. People — what they do, what they say — kick my thought processes into gear. Oftentimes, it later (or quickly) emerges as a story or poem; other times, it just gives me something to chew on for awhile. Thus the necessity for a notebook or phone to make notes on at any given moment.  However, I realize this is also a bad habit, because it often seems like I’m not paying attention…

Please don’t be offended
When I glance away
And carefully note the space above your shoulder

Please don’t be offended
When my eyes cross
And my replies are monotone murmurs

Please don’t be offended
When I whisk out a pen
Or my phone to type

Please don’t be offended
You’ve inspired me
And I focus on things I like