The Aura

Composed 4/2/15
Description: Day 2 of NaPoWriMo. I feel like these last few poems are just combinations of things that have gone through my mind throughout the day that seem to mesh together.

You can jail me in the city
Or let me loose through open fields
Give me sweetheart small town life
Or hand me ready sword and shield
Blue skies can burst with sunbeams
So I bask in endless heat
The clouds can overtake the earth
And rain pour down in sheets
Either way I will survive
As long as I possess
That wholesome clean air feeling
I breathe in joy and stress
Let adrenaline overtake me
Let me dance through corn and streets
Let my heart soon swell to bursting
Let my actions spill release
It’s then I feel alive
It’s then I fall in love
In fate’s clear aura I do thrive
Without it I’m just numb