While Driving

Composed 12/21/15
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Trusting I put my life in
Your hand but you grab
Not the wheel but your
Lover your cocaine your
Ever present addictions
If you fail to value your
Own life can you not set
Aside pleasure for mine
When eyes       flit away
I fear hit distrust dislike



Composed 3/25/15
Description: I tore apart a puzzle today.

I take so long
Putting each piece in its place
Until a fuzzy image begins to emerge
But if the wrong hands touch me
I so easily tumble apart in their fingers
And sighing
I start from the beginning
Putting each piece in its place

What It All Boils Down To

Composed 2/17/15
Description: For Writing 201, Day 3, which asked us to compose a poem with the theme of trust, in a form that utilizes an acrostic and internal rhyme.

These themes seem to strike me on perfect days. Today I spent a fun day with my best friend, with whom I share the most enviable of friendships, I think. So I wrote about our friendship, largely drawing inspiration from the rhyming of “sister” and “whisper,” which I thought of quickly once I decided to write about her. The acrostic was harder, since I had a good poem before adding it, but I did end up using the now-beloved though recently discovered reverse-acrostic (in which the acrostic is at the end). After all, what does friendship all boil down to at the end?

Sister, our whispers shout
Encryptions in levels ever deeper
Secret novels of joy, what pains me and you
And with an eye, with smiles
We know to never speak out

Turn On

Composed 2/2/15
Description: A little something for Valentine’s Day.

Friends and interested lovers always ask: “So what’s your turn on?” For me, it’s always been a hard question. Sure, there are things I like, but what’s the biggest? Then it hit me: my turn on is security. It’s knowing that no matter what happens, that person will be there for me.

Security, of course, naturally resides in marriage. No significant other will ever see me at my most expressive until they vow until death do us part. Financial turmoil? Stress? Illness? Baby? If I know you and your love will be there for me, then I will find it very easy to let loose. Trust is sexy.

you may kiss my lips to show your love
run your hands down oft-traveled paths
like lock picks in search of a tumbler or three
but you will never feel the true heat of my desire
not until you leave
fingerprints on my wrist
warmth pressed to my elbow’s crease
your hands grasped around my neck
soft, forgetting to squeeze
a palm on my heart
feeling its beats
caressing each vital point
a gentle kiss to each
a seal of trust
blessing vulnerability