City Block

Composed 9/29/16
Description: It’s been awhile, but the words still jump out at me, especially now that autumn calls!

When cigarette and coffee smoke
Are dancing in the air
When schools of people swarm around
Like you’re not even there
When police patrols and flashing lights
Set hearts a-pounding, scared
When hot asphalt, manicured grass
The cool breeze makes aware
It’s then you pull your jacket tight
Walk like a queen and dare

It’s like something could happen
And even if it never does
You still have now begun the dream
And you still feel it
On your skin


The Reality of Summer

Composed 6/22/13
Description: You know that lovely, firefly-filled walk I went on this evening? You know, the one filled with the magic of summer? Well, I’m just now discovering that the fireflies weren’t the only things surrounding me out there.

And thus: a companion to The Magic of Summer.

In a not so lovely
Twist of fate
The mosquitoes found me tasty
And they ate

The Magic of Summer

Composed 6/22/13
Description: This evening I went out on what is becoming my traditional evening walk. When I was about half way back to my house fireflies appeared — suddenly, as if they all turned on their lights at the same time. I watched in interest as little flicks of light burst all around me — some shockingly close. Oh, yes, I thought. It
IS summer isn’t it?

With this romantic image of summer in my head I looked in front of me, saw a speck of light flash, and, in what I consider a move of impressive athletic skill, I snatched a lightning bug out of mid air. It rested comfortably in my palm for about a second before I opened my hand, allowing it to fly away. However, strangely enough, it did not fly away. Not instantly, not after a few seconds…

No, the lightning bug, apparently thinking I was some kind of cozy, mobile tree, got comfortable on my pinky and accompanied me for the rest of my walk. I could almost hear him saying “Hey girl! Thanks for the lift! How’d you know all the best girl fireflies live on the other end of the street?”

And, indeed, like my driveway was some kind of designated bus stop, as soon as I approached it, the firefly shuddered and leapt into the air to show off his lovely lights to some female friends.

This lovely little event inspired this lovely little poem.

A small wisp of light
Caught gently in the palm
Goes for a ride
As I walk along

A Walk

Composed 5/30/13
Description: I took a walk this evening; this is the result.

We’re so numb in our metal cubes
With their artificial air
Their hard vibrations and pointless noises
Drown out every care

It’s only when you step outside
And kick up dirt and grass
And smell the green and brown of earth
That you start to live at last

Little squares of thick paned glass
Are no comparison to the sun
That makes you aware of your own skin
With sweat and burns and grunge

And you don’t even notice
When you’re stuck inside
The overwhelming pleasure
Of the forest’s shading line

When you’re out of your little box
You feel the consequences
Your pulse, your thoughts, and emotions jump
When a rabbit bolts at your fleeting presence

And the slight bumps in a little cube
When seen from the other side
Are wide eyed splatters of red on pavement
They’re disgust and sorrow combined

The naïve pleasure of coasting by
Does more damage than you think
I’d rather feel my brain and muscles fight
To know my body is all in sync

Those little metal boxes
Drain our feelings ‘til we’re dead
You truly only begin to live
When you walk on nature’s edge

Divine Intervention

Composed 4/27/12
Description: While much of this is inspired by an actual walk I had on 4/27/12, most of it is made up; this is simply a scenario I
imagined happening while I was walking back from class one day. The scenario stuck with me so much that I wrote it down. This is the result. After about a year after it was written, this piece had the privilege of being published in Anderson University’s 2013 Spring Literary Arts Magazine.

A boy whizzes past me on a bicycle, close enough for me to be justified in a feeling of rage or the utterance of a curse word. I don’t even flinch.

It’s just a normal day, and I’m heading back to the dorm, just like always. People are walking all around me, and I couldn’t now report to you any of their faces, even the color of their hair. I’m lost in my own world, in my thoughts, which are so incomprehensible and muffled that I could not accurately report them to you. The only thing I’m really aware of is the sun, which is shining brightly, and campus, gorgeous on this spring afternoon. However, even this is more of a matter-of-fact observation than an emotional revelation. It’s like someone just told me about that beauty of the day, like I’m not actually here experiencing it.

It’s hard for me to get out of this fog, this numbness of going through the motions. Even though my classes were interesting, even funny, I still can’t break out of this blah-attitude that I seem to be enwrapped in nowadays.

I stop at the crosswalk and let a few cars pass me. When there’s a gap large enough for me to pass through I step into the road and cross. Crossing the street always feels like a gamble to me. No matter how long I stop to look to see if cars are coming, I always accept the possibility that I missed something, that a car’s going to come barreling at me at eighty miles per hour. My heart rate stays constant today though; even that irrational fear isn’t enough to get me motivated today.

I make it across the street without incident, and this is when I notice I’m actually very cold. I can’t help but roll my eyes. That’s Indiana for you – sunny and gorgeous and somehow still thirty-five degrees. I pull my hoodie closer.

I’ve stopped by this point, and I look down the path. I have two options: I can take the shorter path that curves directly alongside the dorms, or I can take the longer path that lines the road. It’s cold enough I choose the long path, which avoids the shade of the trees, so there’s a slim possibility that it will be warmer.

I am cognizant that this is odd immediately. I never take this sidewalk, and I am a notorious creature of habit. Walking this way feels weird to my body, unnatural.

But I go with it. Hey, I could use a little rebellion. And it was warmer this way.

I have to pass two other dorms to get to mine. As I walk pass the first, I start thinking about this fog I’m in. I really want to get out of it, but I don’t know how. I see all these other people who have all these passions; they know exactly what they love, what they want to do with their lives. Those are things I really lack in my life. I just wish God would give me a sign, throw something at me that I was really passionate about.

I feel myself starting to get back into my mind fog as I pass Ricker, the next dorm. And that’s when the building exploded. Continue reading

Adventures in Springtime

Composed 5/2/13
Description: Another stunning day. Wrote this in my head on my way back from lunch with my mother. It was only after I had written it and decided how to format it that I discovered it was almost a perfect haiku (all I had to do was take out the “it’s”). Guess I’m just in a haiku state of mind these days.

Just one of those days
When I could open the door
And walk forever

Walking in the Valley

Composed 4/14/13
Description: It was beautiful outside today, so I decided to go for a walk. It turned out to be very inspiring. About every ten feet I thought of a new line, stopped, and typed it into my phone (because of course I had failed to bring a single scrap of paper or a writing utensil).

Beautiful days
When I’m walking alone
That’s what I crave
A hand to hold

Long slender fingers
And mostly not talking
Focused too much
On nature and walking

Occasional laughing
Words in my ear
Lovely, sweetheart,
Darling, dear

Some people watching
But mostly alone
Ignoring the beeps and blurps
Of our phones

Marveling life
And single red roses
Til raindrops fall
On our cheeks and our noses

Chasing and racing
Until we find cover
And smiles –
Just glad to have one another

Back to reality
A gust of cold
All just words
Crammed into my phone