I Do

Composed 10/12/16
Description: Wanted to try something different and get some inspiration for today’s Daily Prompt, so I researched some poetic forms for fun. Found the cute little nonet, in which you start at nine syllables and take one away each line until you get to one. “Nonet” is believed to be the word for a group of nine performers or instruments; thus, it is likely a form inspired by music. And, indeed, I think it has a very musical ring. Surprised at how quickly it came together. 

At nine in the morning I hear it
The tone of your thoughts rings out loud
I float on clouds and sunbeams
As the sky blues and grays
Then I remember
Think I’ll respond


Watch Your Mouth

Composed 5/6/13
Description: So my roommate’s fish died yesterday morning, and, well…

He was a gentle spirit
And navy as the evening sky
He’d spent his lifetime captive
But he lived a peaceful life

Her face fell as he lay
On those turquoise cobblestone streets
His blue spirit had left the cage
And now was finally free

I pat her hand
Don’t worry I say
Things will only get
Better today

At lunch she told me
She’d gotten a call
To report the death
Of her dear grandpa