Opening Windows

horizon zero dawn nature screenshot of sunrise sunset shown on desktop computer
Photo by author. Desktop background photo via Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Composed 1/20/18
Description: Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Horizon. For inspiration I searched for horizon pictures and got a new desktop in addition to the inspiration I was looking for…

Perhaps I am rooted to this place
To these walls to these people
To my duties to this life
Destined to watch the same sunrise
Pretty and calm over the same country skies

But I am not rooted to this place
Others capture beauty and adventure
And play as eager historians
Recording their wonder in images and words

A new horizon I could find
Every night every morning every hour
And plaster each one over my window
To catch a new perspective

And someday I hope you will take joy in my discoveries
Find enlightenment in these simple, small town words
For it’s my love to see the world through your eyes
So perhaps there is value to mine


Words of Affirmation

Composed 1/1/18
Description: My first piece of the year, inspired by a real New Years Eve party and today’s Daily Prompt: Conversation.

In the hours late and early
I deny conventional comforts
In lieu of clarity
Alone reserved and observing
Of the need for love and for touch
Purposefully I monitor my thoughts and senses
There is no sense for intimacy here
I have long rejected feelings
Unfelt and unreciprocated

Joy may waft in here
I hear its call and wear its smile
But I regain my temporal orientation and
Acknowledge temporary sensation
And yet
As the moon shines like daylight beaming
Even a drink laced
You’re beautiful
Gives me that champagne feeling

Give Me Your Words

Composed 4/26/16
Description: Often I wish my friends had real blogs, not just social media accounts. Social media can be informative, but what do they really tell you about someone? Social media platforms have very specific structures and formats that must be adhered to. You must have a Facebook timeline, your tweet has to be 140 characters or less. While that often can inspire creativity, I am always ravenously curious about what someone would do if they were given a blank webpage and told to “go for it!” Yes, this probably stems from the curious, extremely nosey part of me – the part that wants to know everyone’s inner life, the part of me that wants to read their journals so to speak… But another part of me just wants me to see what people would do, how they talk to themselves, what they’re like…

For Day 24 of NaPoWriMo.

We’re so used to little blurbs
an update pic or joke
superficial snippets tiny
holes into your day
but I lack what I crave most
depth into your mind the
way you speak your sentences
that creativity tendency to be so
uniquely you
I want to hear your rants opinions
I want to throw you into unknown situations
and let you run free with a keyboard
with so many outlets I have so little insight
into your mind
would you be so kind
share that guilty pleasure the
random synapse strings that cross and flow
and emote
I feel that to really know you I need you to
give me your words

My Legacies

Composed 3/10/16
Description: For today’s prompt: Legacy.

My words
May fall into the air
And fly off, up to bare mountain tops
They may slip right past flitting eyes
Or land there, but soon fade swiftly from the mind
I, likely, will fail to gain fame
Or even a following of any mass
But alas
I shall tuck these words away
In some one-day dusty tome
They will find a home in my bookshelf
And someday in a young one’s hands
And that young one may know me only by
My words

From Within

Composed 1/2/16
Description: I like having prompts sometimes, especially when they speak to me. But other times I feel like this only just gets me writing. The things I really love I practically throw onto the page… I just wish I knew how to force up those strong emotions and thoughts at will!

Words can be snatched at random
From the air like fireflies
Put them in a jar
And they swim around in
A glowing paragraph

But what is a jar
Full of pretty words?

The subtext only speaks of death
The lights fade and fizzle
Ashes fall to the bottom
They are gone
Soon forgotten

Show me a field of fireflies
I am frozen
I want them to roam free
And explore the things that speak to me
Don’t force me with a net
To snatch at empty words
I will huddle away
And write of my own heart


Composed 1/19/15
Description: Ataraxy: a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety (

I actually wrote this and then, an hour or so later, I found this word. It described the feeling I was searching for so perfectly I made it the title.

Your intention is well meant I know
But it’s mixed with some obligation
Meanwhile I am consumed in my own world
With little interest to disengage
In fact
Only anger and frustration consume my heart
At your kindness
For it is kindness
You are my friend
And I do not wish to offend
But I cannot leave this place

I spend so many hours in your company
Have I not earned a day alone
Without the threat of controversy
I just wish for

Aurora Borealis

Photographer’s Site:

Composed 10/29/14
Description: While looking for inspiration I StumbledUpon the above photo. I had also recently come by a tumblr post that had a list of “beautiful words” one might try to integrate into writing. Well, what would be a more perfect phenomenon to describe with beautiful words than northern lights? So I used several of those words here (along with some words I just think are pretty).

Crystalline stars in countless mass
Painted onto the purest midnight blue
Encompass and shade the still and serene
Stage dancing waves of sea foam green
Ever twisting in lazy aesthetic joy

Nebulous violets join in spherical dance
Lithe pinks enchanting with their resplendent beams
Then blues like blurred, murmured mist
Ease in, wane out in casual abundance
A lullaby for passersby

And in the languid luminescence
Even our black silhouettes
Radiate splendor here

His Heart

Composed 5/12/13

Description: I recently stumbled across another poetry contest that really sparked my interest with its prompt. The post described a study that found that “twenty-three words still in use today have survived mostly unchanged from the end of the last ice age.” The blogger then went onto list these words: I, we, thou, ye, who, this, that, what, mother, male/man, not, old, black, worm, bark, hand, ashes, fire, to give, to pull, to spit, to flow, and to hear. The challenge was to create a poem using at least fifteen of these words in less than 12 lines. It sounded fun, so I gave it a shot! I hope you like the results.

Also, be sure to check out the contest and poemelf’s awesome blog! She has such a cool project, and, if you like poetry, I’m sure you’ll love her blog.

I hear those folks who say
My man’s heart is old and black
That it burned out in the fire
And all that’s left of it is ash

But I know what his heart’s like
Because he gave me that warm hand
And asked me not to leave him
When I said “I understand”

He just needed me to pull
His heart strings soft like this
To let his love-song flow
To grant my one true wish