Blessed with Looks

Composed 11/27/13
Description: I wrote this for wdbwp’s poetry prompt: “Giving Thanks No. 2,” in which we were to write about negative things we were thankful for. Here’s mine. It seems befitting enough that I should post it now, since it’s officially Thanksgiving!

I am thankful
For the plain
Emptiness of my features
The vast, doughy roundness
Of my flushed cheeks
For thickened eyebrows
And spotted complexion

How I rejoice
In a slow metabolism
And a fondness for sweets
Resulting in a swelling bulge
Falling under a broad ribcage

For without it
Who could stand my presence?
My pride
In every moment
Would blind
Repel the good and
Attract the leeches
Looking for a place to feed

I would neglect
The sweet parts of me
I would not care
For how far I could go
With a fair face
And a fair frame

Kindness, warmth, integrity
Humor, IQ, honesty
Are all unneeded for beauty

But for me
They are essential
So for plainness
I am thankful



Composed 7/27/13
Description: Written soon after my last entry. It is only appropriate to post it tonight as well.

It doesn’t feel right
At the end of the night
To leave sad words behind
For I know that my life
Though at times filled with strife
Is more blessed than most my kind

Still I’m afraid I might slip away
Tonight as in my bed I lay
Sad words left as my last
They will read my past thoughts
Thinking me so distraught
They could have helped if only they asked

But such thoughts are untrue
I love life, I love you
My grief is so small in the end
I only write sadly
Because it’s so madly
Unlike the course life tends