No One Comes of Age

Composed 2/4/14
Description: Sorry for the hiatus. School is, as always, a killer. However, this semester’s literary arts magazine has a deadline soon, so here I am, pumping out hopefuls last minute. The theme for the magazine this semester is Bildungsroman, a German word for “coming of age.” So here is one literary arts mag hopeful. Feedback is always appreciated!

There are no sacred journeys
Or evil beasts to slay
We achieve no mastery over
The movement of our limbs
In rituals
Or tame the lion in our bellies
In holy fasts

Instead we burn our trails
And hide each beast under our bed
Go to sleep
Pretend they’re dead
And gorge ourselves on
The pleasures of babes

We measure age
In cigarettes and alcohol
And the scale keeps on slipping
To sex and rental cars
DUIs and jail time
Marriage, drugs, divorce
And even our children
Never see
A man come of age


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